Ronald E. McNair Lodge # 146

9th Masonic District


Prince Hall Grand Lodge 



Ronald E.McNair Strives to advance the tenets of masonry through community involvement, relief, partnership, and increased awareness of issues that directly affect our community. We believe that by becoming more active and engaged in our communities, we can assist in accomplishing our Our vision of establishing Prince Hall Freemasonry as a prominent organization in Maryland while dispelling any myths or misgivings about our esteemed fraternity which is built on brotherhood, relief, and truth.

Our Mission

As masons, we are all bound by a duty to relieve the distressed and be of service to the community and the human race at large. Prince Hall Freemasonry seeks to advance the tenets of the craft by leading, promoting and participating in meaningful engagement initiatives through sustainable partnerships with government, community, and industry.


The Lodge Meets every month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Drew-Freeman Middle School 2600 Brooks Drive Suitland, MD. 20746. Meetings start at 7:30 pm.

Mailing Address: 

P.O Box 1353 Suitland, MD. 20752-1353

Lodge Officers


Worshipful Master – Amiri George
Sr. Warden – Mark Saunders
Jr. Warden – Kyle Cox
Treasurer – PM Thomas McBride
Secretary – PM Bill Lowery


Sr. Deacon – Jerome Ware
Jr. Deacon – Delonte Eaddy
Sr. Steward – Garrett Stradford
Jr. Steward – Harvey Van Buren
Chaplain – George Fenwick
Marshall – Joseph Lagman
Tyler – Charles Wilson
Asst. Secretary – PM Donnell Jenkins

Community Assistance Programs

Homeless Assistance
Charity Fundrasing
Road Clean Up

Ronald E. McNair Member Gallery

Ronald E.McNair Lodge History

        History of Ronald E. McNair Lodge # 146 The idea of starting a new study club in the 4th Masonic District manifested itself around June of 1988, and was the direct result of the Grand Lodge attempt to reclaim members who were not actively participating, had been dropped from the rolls, or had continued to maintain membership in other jurisdictions or in this jurisdiction overseas. This became know as the “Amnesty Program for Reclamation of Masons”. Wilbert Bailey, JR received a special dispensation from Special District Deputy Grand Master Shelton D. Redden along with a list of inactive and dropped members. With the assistance of Brother George Gross, and Brother Davis Ross, other Brothers were contacted and the Study Club was started. The Study Club met at the Municipal Building in Forest Heights, MD on the first and third Tuesday’s of each month. After getting approximately Twenty-one Brothers to attend the study club on a regular basis, the officers petitioned the Grand lodge for a charter in October of 1988. The members of the study club felt that they should meet in a Masonic environment and therefore moved to Roscoe C. Cartwright #129’s Lodge Hall. Brother George Gross, who was terminally ill, died before the charter was granted. He was the one who had suggested that we name the Lodge after the astronaut Ronald E. McNair. Brother Wilber Bailey, Jr. went to Atlanta, Georgia and met with the McNair family who approved of the use of the name for a Masonic Lodge. Though Ronald E. McNair the man was never a Mason, the Grand Lodge also approved use of the name. On January 31, 1989, at a leadership meeting of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maryland Brothers Davis Ross, George Brown and Mannie Haughton asked Grand Master Samuel T. Daniels why they had not been granted a charter. He answered that he thought the charter had been granted. He then asked RWs Shelton D. Redden and Leroy Lassiter if there was any reason that the charter should not be granted. They answered they were in favor of granting the charter. GM Samuel T. Daniel’s then ordered the Grand Secretary to prepare a charter for Ronald E. McNair Lodge #146, located in Suitland, Maryland, with a date of January 11, 1989. Brother Wilbert Bailey, Jr. (President of the Study Club) was on temporary duty at Fort Gordon, Georgia and was due to return early April 1989. The Officers decided to wait until his return to receive the charter. During his absence the Lodge regalia was manufactured and purchased by the members, with special note of thanks given to Brothers George M. Brown, Bobby T. Barnes, Davis Ross and Mannie Haughton. The Charter was received by the Study Club at their second meeting in April 1989. Installation ceremonies were performed by the Fourth Masonic District Staff. Subsequent to installation, the members decided that they should meet in Suitland, Maryland. Brother George M. Brown and Bobby T. Barnes were given the responsibility for finding a meeting place in Suitland. With the assistance of Brother Tucker the principal of Central High School in District Heights, Maryland the Lodge received permission from the principal of Suitland High School to meet in his building. The Lodge moved their Meeting place to Suitland High School in July of 1989. At the beginning of the Masonic year 1993-1994 the Lodge changed its meeting place to Fairmont Lodge #92 in Fairmont Heights, Maryland. On April 5, 2011 under the administration WM Christopher B. Charles, Ronald E. McNair Lodge#146 moved back to Suitland, Maryland. Our meetings are currently held at Drew Freeman Middle School.

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Ronald E. McNair Lodge #146

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